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Europe 2009: Copenhagen (Thursday, July 30)

This is just the sex parts of my European trip report.  For the rest of the report from this day, click here.

This was my day for really focusing on the competitions.  So after the usual breakfast and puttering with the blog posts, I got everything set for the Physical part of the leather contest, laying out all my outfit pieces and putting them on (except for the boots).  I had mostly set this up in Seattle, but made a last minute change to use the other harness, and of course I now had to use the cowboy hat rather than the master’s cap (since the cap had been left in Amsterdam).

Then I did likewise with the Presentation part, running through the routine a couple times, watching myself in the bathroom mirror.  I also turned the netbook on its side and propped it up on a high shelf and used its webcam as a second sort of mirror.  I had to figure out how to do the costume change part within the very limited time frame; I ended up settling for layering two t-shirts, and slipping off the braces and rolling one shirt over my head to show the second one.  (More later.)

Then I headed over to the K3 nightclub for the afternoon practice.  Because of schedules, the other two Americans were not there for practice until later in the afternoon, and the Canadian had pulled out due to a schedule change for a conference meeting he was attending.  I did get to scope out the European competition, though — Erik from Denmark and Walther, the current Mr. Leather Norway — and got to see them do their presentations (fantasies).  Mine is storytelling, Erik’s is a standard-style leather contest fantasy, and Walther’s is a solo dance routine preceded by a speech about HIV; quite the range, and we’ll see what the other two add to the mix.  It was very difficult to design a fantasy that I could do by myself and would carry to an audience mostly European.

After that, I practiced for my line dance competition and then did the competition, winning two golds and a silver, plus overall for my division.  They finally did the awards and finished them just after 10:00, so I had to grab my clothes and really hurry to K3.

Of course, for all my hurry, it was halfway unwarranted.  I scrambled over to K3 and got upstairs to start changing.  By the time I got changed, the entertainment went on, a leather song medley from Ask Helga (Copenhagen’s camp drag troupe, real singers), called “Nights in Black Leather”.  I only paid a little attention to it, between changing and fanning myself from being very sweaty, and holding my head from where I kept banging it on the rafters in our changing area.  (I’m 6 foot, the ceiling was 6 foot, the rafters were 5 foot 10, and they seemed to be over the places we could stand to change rather than over the benches and table.  Bang bang bang, ow ow ow.)

For the Physical part of the contest, I came out in chaps, red-stripe t-bar (so my ass and tattoos showed), red-piped muscle police shirt, and cowboy hat.  On stage, I stripped off the shirt to show my red and ring harness underneath; good crowd reaction.  The question to me was about the most masculine moves done in country-western dance.  I told them that they didn’t let us do some of those for competition, as I faked a jack-off action, so then I showed dipping a partner lower… lower… lower… all the way to the floor, and then I would drop him and walk away (with a big finger snap).  The crowd really liked that: it played with the cowboy hat, it showed strength and good body form, and it was funny and a little mean, just right for a leather competition.

For the Presentation (Fantasy), I told the story of Leather Pinocchio.  Gepetto, the leather daddy woodcutter made himself a new sex toy, a leatherboy. Pinocchio wanted to be a REAL leatherboy, and the Red Fairy (who gives fists rather than wishes) told him how: become a donkey (pony play!), find Monstro (Girth and Mirth!), and compete in a leather competition in Copenhagen (the crowd liked that joke).  Unfortunately, when Pinocchio became a REAL leatherboy (this was when I showed the second shirt, which said “Leatherboy”), he lost his “woody”.  But he learned if he still told lies — “You’ve got a biiig dick!” — his dick would still grow.  His rubber inflatable dick.  “I am a top!  I am a top!  I am a top” as I pulled the inflated dick out of the shorts, all the way.

The crowd reaction was small at first, partly because the volume wasn’t up loud and the first two lines were lost.  (I recorded the Pinocchio, Narrator, and Red Fairy voices myself on my iPhone, artificially lowering the Red Fairy voice with another program, and edited it all together with Garage Band.  Impressive job, if I say so myself!)  By halfway through, though, the audience was getting it and laughing at the funny bits.  If I ever get to do it again, I’ll use the 3:39 length original version, which has a couple more jokes and a little more breathing room in it; might even pad a couple more seconds for the costume change and add a few at the start.

In the end, I got 38 out of 40 points — which means I probably got 20 of 20 for the Physical part — and ended up as 1st Runner-Up (and another Silver medal).  I’m happy with that, as I got two prizes: a €40 gift certificate and a €500 custom leather item.  Erik from Denmark won first place; his fantasy was definitely top notch (better than mine), he deserved it for that.

Afterward, I hastened back to the hotel with all my gear, showered and changed, and then came back to K3, dressed in my 501 shorts and the chainmail harness.  Originally a gay disco, K3 is now a straight club but it turned back into a gay club for the night.  Three or four floors, two different DJs — the one upstairs was pretty good, and that’s special coming from me, since I don’t like club music much.  They had dark rooms set up and everything, and they even ran out of beer so the guys from SLM had to go raid beer from their clubhouse.  Very successful party, I think.  I ran into both Jeffrey and Ho & Jens again.

Ho sucked my dick while we sat in one of the lounge areas, and we got some very approving looks.  (Or were they jealous?)  He offered to fist me there, too, but I declined.  I would have liked to, and I would have really gotten off on the public display, but even the dick sucking was beyond the level I saw anyone else doing, so I didn’t want to push the envelope all the way into confetti!

Out in the courtyard, as it started to sprinkle, I met Peter and he went down on me, really ramming my cock down his throat, PA and all.  (My cock is pretty thick and longer than average, so this was impressive.)  He did this right in the middle of the crowd, and again, there was very little similar activity from anyone else, but lots of fun looks.  He did this for some time, as the crowd dispersed and the party ended. We then headed back to his place, where I hoped for his fist.

But no such luck.  Instead, it was me on my knees (and etc.) for the next couple hours, and with major tit clamps on my already sore nipples.  And lots of really good poppers!  Never got his fist or even his dick in my ass, but it was a really good time anyway.  I had to call it quits when I suddenly started seeing huge snowflakes that glowed blue and yellow and pink — too much poppers and endorphins, I guess; very trippy and out of my head.  Got back to my hotel at 5:15 am.  Yawn!

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