Thursday, January 17, 2013

Online Ass d’Jour: GPS (Gets Pissy Soon)

Date: November 18, 2012 / Place: Seattle, WA / Service: AssPig

Damn, but I hate it when people depend purely on GPS to get where they are going and copy the address in wrong, ignoring all other directions you give them which might clue them that they are totally on the wrong route!

This guy ended up in West Seattle (15+ min away) because he left off the direction character and his GPS sent him to “Ave SW” instead of “Ave S”.  That itself is bad enough (and tells me that GPS itself is problematic), but then he calls, pissed at me as though this were my fault, and says I can come meet him at his place instead, because he has “wasted enough of [my] valuable time”.

I declined.  Once they’re in a pissed-off, state, you don’t want to do much of anything with them.

Adding insult to injury, he then texted me a few minutes later, saying “Please don’t ever contact me again thank u”.  No worries, guy.

(The guy is in recovery and was at an AA or NA meeting shortly before this.  I’ll file that info away for later — not that being in recovery is the problem, but going right from AA/NA meetings to a play session might not be a good idea.  Make sure there is more of a buffer.)

Update: A few hours later, the guy contacted me again in a much calmer mood.  Not really apologetic, but at least not hating on me anymore and again open to playing at some point.  It has not happened yet — and most recently, he got a bit pissy again when I wouldn’t take Thursday afternoon off to play with him because if we played later when it was easier for me, he would have to take Friday morning off.

I think he’s a bit too high maintenance for my tastes.  There are enough of fish in the Seattle sea that I don’t need to work with his issues.  If it happens someday, we will play, but I am not pursuing it hard on my side.