Friday, February 29, 2008

Ireland: Friday, February 29 (part 2)

Written Friday, February 29 at 10:11 pm, Dublin (at the hotel)

I hooked up with a Dublin guy early in the evening via Manhunt.  (He’s actually from “the north”; don’t know if that means Belfast/Northern Ireland or not.)  Ended up as and interesting encounter: he asked me to put on some of my leather — I only brought a vest and some boots, to keep the weight down — and that plus a nice fat dick made him want me to fuck him.   No problem.  Except that he’d never been fucked before (and hadn’t done much fucking himself, I gather; I guess he was mostly an oral guy).  Fat dick + cherry ass = probably quite the memorable time for him.  (Moreso because of the Prince Albert piercing — I only have the 6-gauge curved barbell in, so nothing nearly so dramatic as if the 2-gauge ring were in, but still, multiple new sensations for him!)  Did he like it?  He wasn’t sure; he had some definite pain, and he didn’t know what he should be feeling (and I could barely tell him, it’s been 18 years since I was in that place), but he stuck with it like a trooper and eventually decided he just needed to jam himself on down.  (First time I’ve deflowered a guy, to my knowledge.  He took it easier than some have, though!)

Updated on January 11, 2010

Ireland: Friday, February 29

Written Friday, February 29 at 12:25 pm, on the train to Dublin

I’ve got the starts of a couple play sessions for this evening set up already, although how well they’ll play through remains to be seen.  (As is always the case with such.)  Being “fresh meat” in Dublin will probably help boost them to working, of course.  First one will likely be 6:30 pm or so.  A lot will depend on Internet access at the hotel or close by.