Monday, April 10, 2000

Internet Search Engines

After a tiring Saturday night, not enough sleep, and my neck out of joint — I guess I shouldn’t have been in that position against the wall at Blow Buddies for quite so long — I was still trying to get through the late afternoon and then go dancing. Joking, one friend said that I could always buy some speed (an illegal drug that keeps you up for hours and hours).

“I don’t know where to buy any,” I said.  And then I covered his mouth, saying “And I don’t want to know.  I suppose I could always do a web search.  Yeah, I could go to Ask Jeeves and say ‘Where can I buy speed in San Francisco?’”

And then we laughed and postulated what would be returned:
“Where can I buy a fast car?”
“Where can I get a map of San Francisco?”
“What movies starred Keanu Reeves?”
“How can I set up my own crystal meth lab?”
We weren’t all that far off.  Check it out for yourself.

(Where’s Eliza when you need it?)