Monday, August 29, 2011

Online Ass d'Jour: 5000 Words and Counting

Date: August 14, 2011 / Place: Las Vegas / Service: Grindr

I noticed that there was a message badge on the pic of a guy I had not been conversing with yet.. So I tapped the pic to view the message.

Him: (sends picture)
Him: (sends picture)
Him: (sends picture)
Me: (start to look at the first one)
Him: (sends another picture)

(Jesus Christ, at least say “Hello” first.  Or maybe “Hello, want to see naughty pics of me?”  And wait for me to say yes.)

Him: (sends another picture)
Me: (block)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Online Ass d'Jour: Rubbers? What rubbers?

Date: August 13, 2011 / Place: Las Vegas / Service: Scruff

Me: What kind of of hot man sex?
Him: Hot pig sex.  More top but love to fuck raw
Me: Got to use a rubber for fucking
Him: Y a rubber for fucking?  Don’t u like to feel a raw cock in ur ass
Me: I’m done here
Him: Done with what?

(Come on, guy.  When someone says they don’t bareback, you don’t push them to.  Period.)

(I refrained from blocking him so I could get a reply. Got one that was semi-apologetic — “OK I will respect that” — but I’m still not going to have sex with him.  No least because I wouldn’t expect him to “respect that”.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Online Ass d'Jour: Smile When You Say That!

Date: July 10, 2011 / Place: Palm Springs / Service: Adam4Adam

Him: (sent a smile)
Me: (looked at his profile, nothing I was interested in)
Him (a few minutes later): When someone sends a smile, you're supposed to reply.

(Thank you Emily Post.  Here’s my take on smiles, winks, tugs, and pokes.  Short answer: no, you’re supposed to check out the person and then reply only if you have anything to reply about.)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Online Ass d'Jour: Clothe Thy Naked Self!

Date: July 9, 2011 / Place: Palm Springs / Service: Adam4Adam

Him: Wow
Me: Thanks
Him: Wasn’t a compliment.  You should put a shirt on.

(That’s the pic he saw on my profile.  If he has issues with that pic, how much time does he spend telling guys online to cover up?  Wow indeed.)