Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Melts in Your Car, Not in Your Hand

One of the radio stations this morning was asking callers to tell of the strangest things they have had melt in their vehicle.  Answers included a plastic purse, a cell phone, a jug of milk, and almost 5 tons of ice.  But here’s my story (I didn’t call it in):

It had been a hot summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 1994, I think.  I had left a couple lubricated condoms in the glove compartment… and they didn’t just melt, they exploded.  I had known about the resulting mess for a few days, but hadn't cleaned the goop out yet.

Then someone decided to break into my car one night while was I was at one of the bars.  Smashed the passenger window, opened the glove compartment, grabbed the gas book… and got a fisful of gooey, sticky lube.  You can just imagine the squeal the thief must have let out.

The thought almost (but only almost) makes having to fix the window again worthwhile.  (I think this was the fourth of five times that car got broken into.  Four smashed windows and one pried-open door frame.  Two break-ins were in view of the police station.)

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