Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Europe 2009: Amsterdam and Copenhagen (Tuesday, July 28)

This is just the sex parts of my European trip report.  For the rest of the report from this day, click here.

Tuesday evening was a party at the SLM clubhouse.  It was a fisting party.  I have a goal of a fist a day while in Europe, you know.  I fisted two guys (Allen was one, although I’ve likely misspelled his name), got fisted myself (Pascal from Paris), fucked and fisted another guy (got 98% of the way in him, missed his fist cherry by millimeters; bet the next guy will get him done), and then got almost (95%?) fisted again while standing up and blew a load all over him.

Cleanout was a bit easier here than in Amsterdam, because the hose head will fit over the shower head in the bathroom here.  Got a lot of air bubbles, but I didn’t have to strain as much.

One “problem” I have when getting fisted is that when the fist comes out, I piss.  Happens nearly every time, and the more liquid I’ve had in me (orally, that is), the more volume I piss.  I can usually keep that confined to the pad we have under the sling at home, but at the SLM clubhouse, that would end up on the concrete floor and be more of an issue (could be slippery for others).  Solution: I put a condom on my cock while I was being fisted, so I could piss to my heart’s content (bladder’s content?) and not worry, so long as the condom itself didn’t come off.  Worked very well tonight.

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