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Europe 2009: Amsterdam (Sunday, July 26)

This is just the sex parts of my European trip report.  For the rest of the report from this day, click here.

Wandered around a while, then trekked 30 minutes southwest of the Centrum to a fisting party I had been invited to, at a bar called Sameplace

I was wearing one of my kilts, the tan canvas and black leather one from MacLeo.  It got a number of looks, but I trained myself long ago not to make eye contact back on those.  Just let them pass by.  Unfortunately, the heavy canvas rubbing against my PA apparently unscrewed the ball and then worked the entire ring out; it was gone by the time I got to the party.  I think I remember hearing a “ding” noise which may have been the ring falling out, and I felt a jab of one of the kilt snap backs at one point which was probably shortly after the ring fell out.  (Bad things come in threes, eh: three piercing rings gone in a week!  Fortunately I have a couple smaller spares with me.  I didn’t plan on new jewelry being a main souvenir on this trip, but it looks like I’ll go shopping on Monday at the leather shops and a piercing place on Warmoesstraat.)

I met a couple guys at the party — Patrick and Chris, expat Brits — and went out to dinner with them to a pizzeria called Paprika (they tell me most of the Italian places in Amsterdam are Turkish owned) where we talked politics and same-sex marriage and sex stuff, and then went back to their apartment.  I had fucked and fisted Patrick at the party, and then fisted Chris (after finding out they were partners); I almost got both hands in Chris.  Back at their place, Patrick fisted me.  Met their cats, Desmond (Abyssinian, but he doesn’t look much like it to me) and Molly (Desmond’s daughter, half Somali).

I was told that the big gay social networking (hookup) site in the Netherlands (and maybe the rest of Europe?) these days is (at least for leather; anything listing fisting as one of the top-level search options is a plus), along with Recon.  Stuff with a big presence in the States like Manhunt and AssPig have almost no membership here; Manhunt doesn’t even have Europe as an option!  Bear411 is still a presence here.

Later that evening, I caught a cab and visited an online buddy from, Mauricio, ironically within blocks of where the party had been.  He fucked me until I came, then fisted me with each hand, came, and fisted me some more until I came again.  (pig)  Walked back to the Centrum late at night (1:30 am); beautiful weather in the high 60s, me in shorts and tank top.

For clean out, I have been using a portable shower head, intended for attaching to the sink or tub faucet when a shower isn’t available.  (European and American pipe sizes or threading differ, so I didn’t bring my shower shot.)  This doesn’t work quite as well as a shower hose, and in Amsterdam, the sink was about an inch too high to deal with comfortably, so I have had to perch with one foot on a chair and one foot tiptoed on the floor to get my ass over the sink to evacuate.  Fun fun.  (Stretch and strain.)

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