Saturday, July 25, 2009

Europe 2009: Amsterdam (Friday, July 24)

This is just the sex parts of my European trip report.  For the rest of the report from this day, click here.

The Web has a “dark room”, a small cruising maze like a mini-bathhouse.  I got reprimanded by the bartender for coming into the bar, nosing around, and heading upstairs without buying something first.  I ’can’t blame him, and 5 minutes later, he gave the same spiel the same to another guy (so its a common event).  I typically spend a couple minutes in a new bar before deciding I want to stay long enough to have a beer, and I walk around the place to get a feel for it; there isn’t usually a dark room like that to explore in the process, in the States.  The only times I’ve seen such at bars in the States were the Pit at the Chicago Eagle (now closed), and the brief time that the backroom was open at the Loading Dock in San Francisco (also now closed).  (Well, formal backrooms.  Lots of bars have had informal grope areas which the staff turn a blind eye to, until the cops eventually notice.)  Turns out all the leather bars here have them.  (I visited them in the Argos, Cockring, Cuckoo’s Nest, and Eagle later that night.  Well, passed through most of them.)

Other than the dark rooms, the leather bars should look familiar to Americans.  Maybe a bit small.  The exception is the Cockring, which is a leather dance bar downstairs and a bar and cruising area upstairs.  It’s rare to find a dance floor at a leather bar in the States; Detroit Eagle is about the only one I’ve seen, other than places like the Cuff in Seattle which added a dance floor and stopped being much of a leather bar.  (“Why don’t leathermen dance?”  “Because they’ll bruise themselves with their keys!”  <twitch hips back and forth, say ow ow ow as the keys smack you>)

I met a pair of bears, Dael and Kev, from the Midlands (England) upstairs at the Eagle.

I sucked and got fucked in the dark room at Argos; got the guy off.  Nipple play in the dark room at the Eagle; ow ow ow.  Threesome at my hotel with the Midlands bears, got almost fisted by one, then fucked and fisted by the other; only one of them came.

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