Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Online Ass d’Jour: Never Put Off Until Tomorrow When You Can Be An Ass Today

Date: December 25, 2011 / Place: Palm Springs, CA / Service: Scruff

I was at the Sunday beer bust at the Barracks when this exchange occurred.  I’ve [corrected] a couple typos below, but left other wording and capitalization as-written from both of us.

Him: Want to stop by my place for a good breeding?

Me: No, thanks

(3 hours pass)

Him: How long in town for?
Him: Want your cock sucked off?

Me: Later, maybe

Him: Wow such attitude as if you had so many options out there man
Him: One would think if mr right was [out there] for you you would already have found him
Him: Good luck

Me: Sorry, fuckhead. I'm out somewhere that a BJ isn't what I'm after. Obviously should have blocked you at "breed".

Him: Sad
Him: All those hankies and all the colors in the rainbow how is anyone suppose to guess what you don't get into! Sad soul of Xmas
Him: So I can shit on your face but no bj? Lmao!!!

Me: No, you just can't have/give a blowjob *NOW*. What part of "later, maybe" was so hard for you?

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