Monday, January 23, 2012

Online Ass d’Jour: Get Real

Date: January 14, 2012 / Place: Washington DC / Service: Bear411

Him: might want to upgrade the scooter to a real cycle. the whole image is a little funny when you read your profile and then see you on a scooter. Hardcore profile and then a pussy scooter. lol

Me: How about you be less of an asshole?

Him: I wasn't being an asshole. Your description just doesn't match a scooter. pose with a real cycle and it will boost the cred in your profile description.

Me: If you're judging by what I ride rather than who I am, you're being an asshole. Using the phrase "real cycle" reinforces that.

For purposes of illustration, here is the pic in question; I did upgrade to a larger bike (but still a scooter) last April:

You can read more about my multi-thousands of miles ridden on that scooter in this post.  And a long trip to Vancuover.  And one to Portland.

My “pussy” scooter has done more than most “real” cycles.

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