Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Europe 2009: Aftermath

This is just the sex parts of my European trip report.  For the rest of the report from this day, click here.

I had some nasty constipation after returning home, almost nothing passing through.  No pain or cramps, just minimal movements, despite ample food going in.  I finally realized that I’ve suffered from this before.  It’s the lack of intestinal florae, washed away from the repeated fisting cleanout regimen.  I need to get some live-culture yogurt in me to restore things.  (Yup, that seems to have helped; started improving just a couple hours after a dish of yogurt.)

In Berlin, I bought a 2010/2011 (two year) large format flip calendar, with the imagery on each page being some good, strong BDSM pics.  (That is, pics that look like real BDSM scenes, not stuff staged for porn videos.)  At €10 a pop, a good deal.  So I bought two, the second to be donated to be a fundraiser item: a large format German BDSM calendar should easily be auctionable for more than $15.

Out & About, a gay guide webzine from Denmark, has an article about the Mr. Leather OutGames contest (among its other coverage of the OutGames), including this pic of the five contestants.  (Photo by Claus og Tonny Bønløkke Hertz.)

Updated on February 5, 2010
The calendar sold for $20 at GLPW’s Spanksgiving event on Thanksgiving night.  Frankly, it should have gone for almost double that; we need to find a way to boost attendance (and participation) at those events.
Updated on May 19, 2010

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