Sunday, September 19, 2010

CraigsList Sex-Post-of-the-Week #1 (in a series)

Found this one on Sunday, September 19:
DL Power Bottom 4 U! (Just don't tell my mama) - 21 (Seattle)

Really new at this and I’m excited to finally post on CL. I need to be on the DL, though.

I ‘m a really fit power bottom. I am a virgin. I love a good sling session and am open to fisting if we click. I cannot host, I live with my mother and she doesn’t know. I actually live in the basement but I can get a bit noisy, even when I jack to my favorite Colt Videos. I am not gay, but until I meet the right girl, I want to Party!

I am a real man and expect the same, 20-40 is cool and I prefer hairy muscle studs like Tom Selleck. I am all man at a pink 230, 5’9 with boyish charm at 49. I don’t look my age and got carded once. I feel 21 and that is all that matters!

I don’t have a pic as I am on the DL and don’t know you. Please send me a pic, though. You need to host. As a virgin, I have not been tested, but you need to be. I LOVE box wine so have some ready. Cannot wait to hear from you! Toodles!
I’d love to assume that this is a joke (if so, well written!)… but it is CraigsList!

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